Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hospital Front Line Management research

Back in 2006, researchers Lauren Arnold, Phd, RN, and Greg Nelson, conducted research titled Developing the new frontline manager. As a result of their research they identified five steps for preparing nurse leaders for success, these are:

1: Gaining management support
2: Creating a success profile of the ideal leader
3: Determining fundamental leadership skills and gaps
4: Training for gain
5: Sustaining momentum

In gaining support of management you need to demonstrate your understanding of key aspects of healthcare delivery - quality, retention, patient through put and leadership. When you apply for leadership development, frame your request along the lines of how the PD will help you develop this understanding.

Understand management models and those characteristics that determine effective leaders. Be aware of your own strengths and weakness and put in place a process for maximising strengths and turning weaknesses into strengths. Develop a training plan to help you achieve the knowledge and skills you need.

Sustain your momentum by taking on more responsible tasks, stretch yourself, work with mentors, apply the knowledge you have learned in the workplace at every opportunity.

If you are an aspiring nurse manager or already in a nurse management role and would like assistance to develop your full potential, call John Coxon on +61 03 5561 2228 to discuss how you would like to develop you career. We are able to help in many different ways.

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