Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Building leadership capacity

The Health Media Industry Survey 2009, of USA health providers, showed that only 9% of hospital leaders listed the development of future leaders as a priority. 49% of those surveys indicated the development of leadership capacity was in need of attention - but not necessarily a priority!

How do you go about developing leadership capacity in your hospital? By plan or by chance?

Evidence suggests a planned approach to leadership development pays dividends through improved management teamwork, a breaking down of functional silos, improved decision making, increased loyalty and perhaps most important, known and understood future leadership capacity. From a governance and staff perspective, people would rather have a new leader they had some knowledge and experience of, who has demonstrated their ability to lead and manage, than someone of unknown quality.

Consider the possibility of creating an accelerated leadership program, whereby potential leaders in your organisation work together as a team on self selected program, while also developing their leadership competencies through planned professional development, mentoring and coaching. The organisations benefits in many different ways, the individual managers benefit and the pathway to succession is a lot clearer.

To discuss how you implement such a program in your hospital call John on +61 3 55612228 and we can discuss how we might help you.

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