Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Generational Change

Look around your management team. What do you believe the average age to be? If your management team is typical, then the average age will be somewhere between 50 years and 60 years. Sure there will be a handful of younger managers, often in front line management roles. The reality is that over the next decade many of those on your management will retire. They will be replaced by those younger managers currently in front line management roles.

This change will present many challenges. Being young and ambitious is not a qualification for executive management, it is simply a characteristic. Those younger Gen X managers moving into the executive suite over the next decade will need to build relationships with older, wiser, more experienced baby boomers. To not tap into the combined knowledge of those baby boomers still in the workplace will be a risky strategy.

For those currently aged in their 30's, with ambitions for leading our health providers, it is important, having achieved the top role, to avoid falling into the trap of believing you have all the answers. Effective leaders recognise the strengths others bring to an organisation. They gather round them people able to work together in a collaborative manner; that are aligned with the strategic direction of the organisation. The mantle of leadership is not a title to be claimed, it is a recognition bestowed by others, as a result of being seen to lead in a manner that develops trust, respects individuality while facilitating collaboration and ensure people are treated with dignity.

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