Friday, July 25, 2008

Front line managers are the key

Let me share with you the results of a piece of management research conducted in 2007 amongst health providers in the USA. View summary and white paper here.

The research was conducted over five years and involved 500 healthcare organisations and 200,000 healthcare professionals. The study aimed to study, job satisfaction, organisational loyalty and degree of professional engagement.

What was the main finding? Here it is. Leadership capability at the front-line level influences overall performance more than any other contributing factor. Rankings of leadership capability showed positive correlations with -

  • Job Satisfaction
  • Organisational Loyalty
  • Professional Engagement
  • Willingness to continue employment
  • Voluntary Turnover
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Performance to projected budget
  • Employee productivity
  • Financial success (profitability)

I welcome feedback on this topic. Why not share your stories of how your organisation has utilised the strengths of its front line managers and supervisors?

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