Monday, August 4, 2008

The Age of Collaboration

John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, recently contributed an article to the CEOFORUM GROUP website title The Power of Collaboration. In his article Chambers discusses how corporations and the business sector will learn how to combine technology, such as web 2.0 tools with the human ability to communicate to create the ultimate forms of workplace collaboration.

You may read the article yourself by selecting the link above. Obviously I am delighted to share John's insight with you as he mirrors everything I believe in - that the best outcomes in any workplace are achieved through collaboration.

For those unable to get to John's article, I will an insight here with you. John states "encouraging this collaborative behavior will also require us to teach students and employees how to work well together and to make good collective decisions". Oh, I can see the rednecks and those that fear the onslaught of the 'comrades' turning in their collective graves!

Go read, its is a short article. Afterwards I would be keen to hear from you as to how you believe technology might contribute to greater workplace collaboration.

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