Sunday, April 5, 2009

A new form of leadership

We need a revolution in leadership. The current economic crisis is a result of greed - a very specific form of leadership, one based upon oneself without regard for the impact one's actions upon others.

We need to move away from the individualised, ego-driven, form of leadership, baed upon charisma that we have been witnessing for the past twenty years.

The answers to our dilemmas and problems rest in collaborative action; our ability to work together, to have meaningful dialogue, to make promises and commitments and to establish trust. This is not the world of policies or legislation, organisational development or management processes. It is the world of people working together for the common good of all involved.

Each person in your team has something to contribute. As a leader your role should be to bring out the best in people, to help develop their potential and to encourage them to contribute to the collective leadership of the team.

The type of leadership required as we move past the current crisis and search for a more equitable world is one where we view the workplace as a community, a place where everyone works together in a collaborative manner to ensure ongoing and satisfying work, where the pool of money is shared more equitably, where multicultural diversity is celebrated and where everyone understands how every part of the organisation interacts and how they contribute to its success.

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