Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coaching Case Study

John Coxon & Associates work with managers in hospitals, aged care facilities and medical centres. We provide management consulting services when asked and we work one-to-one with managers in a coaching relationship.

This case study involves one of our coaching clients. This client is a a part of the management team of a combined hospital/aged care provider. The client is a registered nurse working in acute care. Over the past five years we have provided a variety of services to this health provider and I have been involved in a coaching relationship with a number of managers. During the past few years, sparodically, I have worked with this particular manager to help develop her management skills.

When I first met this client she was a registered nurse working in a number of roles and showing potential by standing in for various senior roles when called upon. During 2008 an opportunity came along when the position of Director of Nursing became vacant. After some discussion my client decided to accept an offer to fill in as Acting Director of Nursing pending a recruitment process being implemented. My clients abilities were soon recognised in the acting role and she was eventually successful in her application for the role full time.

Why am I so excited about this outcome? Because this represents, to me, what a well executed coaching relationship should be about. It should be about developing potential. The title is nice, the pay is even better - none of this matches the excitement I heard in this ladies voice when she called me to confirm her full time appointment. Position and money are a result of developing potential, not the reason for doing so. I can tell you now there is not one single nursing manager anywhere in Australia experiencing a higher level of job satisfaction than this person at this moment. This person took responsibility for her own employment outcomes and took advantage of every opportunity, for professional development, available to her.

You can do the same. If you are a manager or aspiring to be in management and you wish to maximise your potential, call me now. It costs nothing to explore the options and I can guide you through the process of putting together a business case to your manager for a coaching program designed to maximise your potential and maximise your value to your organisation.

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