Friday, November 28, 2008

What Are Your Final Wishes - Engage With Grace

A short blog entry. Along with 1000's of other bloggers on health related issues we are participating in a global 'blog rally'. This is where one single topic is picked up and discussed simultaneously around the world.

Now I reckon blog rallies will become messy and confusing in the future and we will have trouble deciding which cause to support - just like donating in the real world. Yet I kinda like this topic. It just isn't something we talk about. When we do, and have with friends, some of the topics have been pants-wetting hilarious, others more sombre. The point being this. You can't tell others of your final wishes **after** you have left this earth, so why not do it now?

Download this slide. It contains five questions. Answer them yourself, involve your friends, partner, lover(s) and soul mates. Take it to dinner, to a restaurant, in the car on a trip or to bed, whatever and wherever, just have the conversation.

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