Friday, November 21, 2008

Boring, boring, boring

This blog is boring. Well that is not actually true. I just wanted to draw your attention to the fantastic offer I am about to make.

Would you like to participate in free management coaching? It’s an easy question to answer. Yes or No. If yes please read on.

Throughout 2009 I will be delivering a series of management workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand. At each event, on either the evening prior or the evening after I will be holding court in a lounge at the venue. I will be providing free, no obligation, coaching to those in attendance. I will help you solve management issues, develop competencies, reduce stress and enjoy your work more. It’s free, no cost, no obligation, no books, no CD’s, no hidden agenda’s or products and definitely no hard sell. If you are there you benefit from the combined knowledge of all in attendance. If you are not there then you miss out. Whether 5, 50 or 500 turn up I will find a place for us to work together. If need be we will move out into the street and work there.

Why am I making this offer? I operate a successful consultancy working with managers in the health, aged care and not for profit sector. The work I do allows me to travel throughout the two best countries in the world. It allows me to spend time with my wife, Liz, to enjoy holidays together and it allows me to spend time with my children, Tara and Byron. I do what I love and I love doing it. I also like to give back as much as I get. Most management advice is freely available. If you had the time you could read all the books, articles, blogs, research reports, white papers I do. After many years as a management coach I have learned one irrefutable fact. Most people can access information. What they need me to do is help them develop and implement the action plans that convert knowledge into results. By coming along, meeting me, letting me meet you, it means that when you do call me seeking my help we already have had contact. You are comfortable with and we spend less time becoming comfortable and move quickly to help you reduce stress and enjoy your work.

How do you register for these events? You don’t. Just turn up. If you wish you may SMS me a message on +61427390376 the day prior, regardless I will be there.

How do you find out about dates and times? Firstly, go our either of our websites, or and follow the link to services and to workshops. Here you will find details of cities, venues and dates. Court will be in session from 5.30-7.00pm.

Secondly, sign into and follow john_coxon, here you will see announcements of dates and venues also. You could also return to this blog in one week and you will see a list dates on here.

Are you in? What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing. What value on the stuff you learn? Priceless.

Let me help you reduce stress and enjoy your work as a manager.

John Coxon

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