Friday, October 1, 2010

Engaging people in recruitment

Over the past six months I have been guiding an aged care client through a process of engaging staff in the recruitment process. Early steps towards a more empowered model of operation. This aged care provider of 40 beds has operated in the traditional mode for many years.

Yesterday I sat in and observed a group of people, including a Division 2 Nurse and personal carers conduct an interview with a Division 1 Nurse. The applicant had already been assessed by a senior executive as having appropriate qualifications and experience but had been informed that a job offer was dependent upon a tick of approval by staff, while also providing the applicant with an opportunity to engage with the staff she would be working with, and supervising.

The staff involved in the interview process are all volunteers. They have not been provided with training in formal interview techniques as we want them to have a conversation. They have been provided with guidance on the types of questions they cannot ask for legal or privacy reasons and they have been provided with an assurance by the CEO that their recommendation will not be overruled.

Following the interview conversation I discussed with those staff involved how they felt about being engaged in this manner. Their enthusiasm was overwhelming. They loved it. Their grins stretched from one side of their face to the other. As we discussed the applicant one of the staff members raised a question that they didn't know the answer to. When they turned to me I suggested they ask the CEO to join them. The senior nurse present immediately jumped up and went to ask the CEO if he would do that. Without warning, without preparation, the CEO joined the discussion and as a result those present were able to ask a number of questions in an environment free of fear and where titles meant nothing. This was an act of bravery and trust amongst all those present. It was grass roots democracy taking place. It was common sense management.

Now I know there will be sphincter-inhibited senior executives, self indulging HR people, self righteous Registered Nurses and indignant union officials spewing into their coffee cups as they read this. How dare we presume a personal carer or assistant in nurse or a EN have the intelligence, the skills and the ability to make such a decision? Well they do and to those that don't applaud this concept, I hope you are nearing retirement because you are looking at the future.

There will be critics who point out that senior management had a hand in the process prior to staff engagement. This is true. On this occasion. Now here is the clincher. In this same organisation the Nurse Manager has just tendered her resignation and guess what - a group of staff members will be involved in the entire process, from reviewing the advt in the paper, assessing capabilities, reviewing position and job descriptions, short listing and interviewing and making a recommendation to the CEO. And I am prepared to bet my fee that the relationship between the incoming Nurse Manager and the entire staff group will be spot on from day one and will build into a sustainable long term relationship.

I will keep you posted as this process unfolds.

Let The Journey Continue
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