Friday, October 15, 2010

Engaging people in recruitment (2)

This is the second installment in a journey being undertaken by an aged care client. In this organisation the Nurse Care Manager has tendered a resignation and a recruitment process is underway. In keeping with the organisations current practice of engaging staff in the recruitment process, a team of staff including the Executive Officer, a Div 2 Nurse, an environmental manager and two personal carers have gathered for this purpose. They are assisted by an experienced consultant/facilitator, who has the role of providing advice and structure but not directing how the process should unfold.

Yesterday the group met to look at the wording they wanted for the situations vacant advertisement, to discuss where the role would be advertised and to set out a time frame for the recruitment process. The facilitator also introduced capability frameworks as a tool to assist with identifying what is expected of applicants. The group also engaged in a conversation as to the costs of recruitment and advertising.

Together the group created a draft of the situations vacant advt. There was spirited discussion on many aspects of wording and the sequence of information. Remember non of these people are skilled HR consultants; they simply work at the coal face and they know what they see every day, they know what works and what doesn't work in their environment. Everyone contributed to the conversation, even those that may have felt out of their depth asked questions and put forward suggestions. At the same time everyone there broadened their knowledge and their understanding.

Next week we meet to discuss the group's ideas on capabilities. What they expect from the incoming Nurse Manager and what they will be looking for from applicants. Their ideas will then feed into a position description to be included in an information kit sent out to applicants. Later their ideas will feed into the interview process as they will go into the interview with a clear perspective on what they are seeking and what it is they want to discuss with applicants.

I hope you will keep an eye on this blog and as always we would welcome questions or your thoughts. This is a live, evolving case study of empowerment in a healthcare environment.

I will keep you posted as this process unfolds.

Let The Journey Continue
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