Monday, July 27, 2009

The Responsibility Of Management

Release of yet another report into health care in Australia will generate considerable public debate over the next twelve months. Much of this debate will likely centre around how the Commonwealth and State Governments could reduce the cost of public health care.

In the midst of this debate life in any health care facility goes on, yet the nature of the debate serves to create fear and uncertainty amongst those employed in the public health sector. In these circumstances management teams need to show leadership.

Public health care is a political football, it always will be, regardless of how health costs are funded. Management teams must focus on the efficient operation of their facility and leave the political postering to the bureaucrats.

In such situations the rumour mill will run wild. Stories will circulate about many things including control of hospitals, the future of various facilities and even staffing numbers. Rumours are counterproductive, they waste time and they distract staff from their work. Take the lead. Implement a comprehensive communication process. Focus on the facts in your communication and do not leave rumours unchallenged.

Management teams need to maintain a long term perspective. They need to continue to find ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. During a Government review is not a good time to run up unsustainable operating losses. The level of public scrutiny on the health sector will increase over the next twelve months.

Now more than ever it is important to ensure your management team have the competencies to operate your facility effectively. Do they understand operational costs? Do they understand alternative strategies for controlling costs? Do they know how to source information, how to analyse information and how to work together to make the most appropriate decisions?

No more than ever, these are the things your management team should be focusing upon.

John Coxon & Associates have developed an integrated management process where we work with your management group to identify the various management competencies required, the existing level of those competencies and a process for improvement. All the money and technology in the world will not provide cost effective public health care unless management have developed the ability work together in a collaborative manner and make the right decisions.

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